Music is pure magic! It’s the only universal language that we know, reaching out easily across all language barriers and cultural differences. More than any other art form it can evoke and transport our deepest feelings, spark off our imagination and take us onto a journey filled with unforgettable moments, which sometimes might even change our life forever.
I remember when I – as a boy – heard Bob Dylans „All Along The Watchtower“ by Jimi Hendrix for the first time – it simply electrified me, opening up a universe of colours, feelings and emotions, which left me excited, mesmerized and with an insatiable longing in my heart: This was, what I wanted to experience and explore, this was my „way to go“…
Ever since, I’ ve been deeply touched by watching musicians or listeners, who totally devote themselves to this infinite force of music – their facial expression is changing, revealing their humanity in a higher, more complex and yet purer and deeper way, which is always extremely moving and beautiful, may it be deeply focused, longing, forceful, sad or full of triumphant happiness.
„Music“ is an ongoing series of unique musicians portraits derived from carefully selected screenshots of filmed performances or rehearsals. They mostly consist of three pictures each, depicting a sequence of emotional states. The actual quality of the source material varied a lot – I didn’t mind, as long as the emotional content felt right. I tried to avoid „posers“ of both sexes – they might look impressive – but I was looking for more „innocent“, spontaneous and natural moments – tender and somewhat lost in loving surrender to this most powerful and universal form of artistic human expression.