Editions & Selected Works

When I compose, music or paintings, I have always - beside the sheer need and enjoyment of being creative - felt drawn towards a conceptual, even philosophical approach, connecting and uniting the single works within a deeper, more essential context.

So, over the years, quite a few theme based cycles and groups of work have evolved, most of them still unfinished and very much in the making. One, for example, is called ´Temples Of Light´. - Pictures like ´Early Dawn´, ´Dawn´ as well as `And Earth Below´ are part of it.

The idea behind it is to describe the circle of the Light/Life-force throughout one day in ten images, each one capturing a different and unique aspect (of it), while forming the whole. The theme of a temple - in many styles, forms and traditions - reappearing in all the compositions is a symbol for the holiness and divine power of all of them...

When Dali Came to his Senses


Temples of Light - Valley of the Peaceful Heart

Along the Watchtower

Fujiyama Sunrise

Finally, the first powerful rays of a new dawn are bursting the heavy clouds of a nightly rainstorm, its moist vapours still filling the solitary valley. A new day, a new reality is manifesting...

In our universe both water and light represent the essential preconditions of physical life. However, on our planet they symbolise much more – the force of life, (or cosmic spirit) taking tangible shape, to enable creation to gradually evolve into self- and eventually cosmic awareness.
And that's beautiful - sometimes beyond belief...
The 'Temples of Light'-cycle is more or less a meditation on the ongoing evolution of the human mind and spirit. Each temple represents a different aspect and stage of this journey.

'After The Rain' shows the beginning, the dawn of the human self. That's why it is so closely connected to the beauty of this planet. The little temple - which represents the self – is located remote and high up in the mountains and yet, despite its solitude, it is embedded in and somewhat protected by an array of powerful natural forces, which secure it's life and survival.

Temples of Light - After the Rain

La Lune Magnétique

Right in the very heart of creation, we find the principle of polarity, based on the forces of positive and negative charge. All life vibrates between those two poles in a constant strive for balance and harmony.
In the East this concept is known as Yin and Yang.

When I started working on ´Close To The Edge´, which I had vaguely outlined
as an allegory of our beautiful and incredibly rich life on earth at the fragile brink
to the empty and rather hostile surrounding space, I soon made a remarkable discovery: The picture – without me even noticing – had taken the shape of the ancient ´Yin and Yang´ symbol.

This symbol implies many interpretations: the expansion and decay of life and it´s variety on earth - which seems to take place in waves, almost like breathing - or the rise and eventual fall of a human civilisation, having lost itself in technical arrogance and spiritual blindness, to name only two.

We all feel, that mankind has reached a point in time, where we´re seriously endangering the continuity of our own existence on this planet by destroying the essential resources, on which our survival is based on:
clean water, clean air, clean food and maybe even most important, an attitude
of mindfulness, Love and respect towards our fellow creatures and life´s dignity itself.

I believe, it´s not too late yet, but the sun is setting on this ignorant and proud way of life...
May our insight finally awake and rise like the eagle in `Close To The Edge´ -
before we become just a soon forgotten episode in the history of this paradise,
called earth...

Close To The Edge

„Sometimes nature shows her true, sublime and majestic force.. Stunned we watch the breathtaking elemental force of light and water – as mere children of a fragile balance of energies, far beyond our boldest vision. That's when we become searchers, seers on our way to the mystery of our existence...“

Mighty Dawn


Where The Holy Waters Flow

„ Sometimes at night when we´re just about to fall asleep, we find ourselves awakening to a new and different awareness, remote and yet strangely familiar.
Our mind has left behind the thoughts, emotions and problems of the day bygone and we´re setting out to take a journey into the unknown – vast, beautiful and full of mysterious magnetism.“

In our dreams everything is possible! We can fly - or travel any distance within the wink of an eye. We can communicate without words - or find a deeper understanding in one single moment, after years of thought and reflection.
Here we realize, that just behind the horizon of our conscious minds lie new worlds of experience, full of incredible complexity and inspiration, just waiting to be discovered and explored...

Where my Dream Begins


The Edge of Infinity

„ An early winter morning - in the distance we see the shine of a new day dawning, but still

everything is bathed in the magic light of the fullmoon.

Like a shining carpet the drifting snowfields are reflecting the mystical light of the sky above - stardust...“


In winter nature seems to take a rest. All her infinite ways of expression - the countless voices of singing birds, the limitless shapes and colours of plants and their blossoms, even the never ending circles of birth, growth and decay on land and in water - become limited and diminished, anxiously awaiting the return of the full force of the sun.

Now life is stripped down to its essentials and we realize, how fragile, vulnerable and minute we are, living on a speck of dust in the inconceivable vastness of endless time and space.

And yet, something deep inside responds to these myriads of shining lights out there and we feel, we ourselves are made of stardust - maybe only waiting to be awakened from the ´dream of life´.





Shangri La


Gate of Light


From Here To Eternity






The Castaway


Silent Rise


Leaves of Light


Flying Home


All I Know


Bay Of Dreams


Cosmic Eye


In Your Arms


Little Buddha


Misty Dawn

„There are moments in nature, when the outer world and our inner perception become blurred, or even seem to be blending. Our eyes and all our senses are no longer distinguishing – but rather unify, and we find ourselves amidst a symphony of shapes and colours filled with magnetic force. In moments like these, we experience ourselves as being part of an infintely rich and boundlessly resourceful creation and sense the One force turning the wheel of life...“



The Mission


Where My Heart Will Go

Temples Of Light


The Cradle Of Infinity

The first motive of the Temples Of Light cycle.

"Early Dawn - a magic moment between night and day...Out of the shapeless infinity of night rises, eagerly awaited - the light - source of all life, all hope - future itself.´´Only the light supplies us with time and place, direction and perspective - and its cycles define all others...´´But time has not come yet - still everything is in abeyance,weightless - and time stands still..."

Early Dawn

Just as the the sun ascends over the horizon, we´re still `between the worlds` - there - the infinite vastness of the stary sky and and all encompassing space - full of inconceivable beauty and magnetic mistery - yet also cold and dark, and here - the expected and familiar - yet still glorious and relieving return of the sun, the all life giving force, that fills us with wamth, trust and hope: the birth of a new day...

And Earth Below

" Dawn - the moment when the light bursts through the veil of night and in a triumphale return claims dominion over space.´ ´Nothing is defined or distinguished yet, all forms still rest within the one all-creating force...´´But still - as soon as it is born, we feel its irresistible magnetism on us and everything alive - the longing for surrender and union - with life itself..."



Temples Of Light 5


Temples Of Light Golden Dawn

Selected Works


Keepers Of The Gloom


You And I - Cinema Scope


Castle Of The Blue Lagoon

This is a very mediative compositon, showing how the growing and evolving human spirit is emanating more and more powerful mental and spiritual waves ( like a radar), whose reflections, like an echo, are forming an ever and ever growing consciousness. The human figure in the middle is actually Leonardo da Vinci´s ´Vitruvian´- as the ´Renaissance´ was intensely dealing with the subject of the human consciousness defining human reality...

Then, for the first time, man set his/her own personal experience against the´world´ and it´s earthly and cosmic reality. Modern science was born... How many ´views of the world´ have been overthrown since those days, each of them being only one of countless ´ circles of awakening`...

Circles Of Awakening


River Of Dreams


Cosmic Christ


Blue Island


Forgotten Abbey

In this composition, as often, I use the ship as a symbol for the human spirit,  travelling on from one ´harbour of incarnation´ to the next, driven by the various
cosmic forces of destiny and kharma.
On these countless travels we might encounter very tranquile and peaceful times and circumstances as well as periods of turbulence and ´heavy weather´, symbolised by the everchanging conditions of the vast ´Ocean Of Rebirth´.

Ocean Of Rebirth


Peace Ascending




Stream Of Light

For me the Light symbolizes the all creating lifeforce manifest, taking shape
as the breathing universe, ruled by the various laws of polarity.
We as mankind stand speechless in the face of infinity, caught in our human mind which is defined and limited by relativity.
Yet, we have an inborn urge for transcendence - there´s an irresistible magnetism
in concepts like ´eternity´ or ´the absolute´  which are represented by the age-old symbol of the Circle.
The movement that returns into itself - birth is followed by death
and - rebirth...

Rebirth Of Light

It´s only a very thin membrane, which separates the world of our dreams, our fancy from the so-called ´real´world and, for me, these transitions are absolutely smooth anyway – after all, reality has many layers and facets. This picture symbolizes the healing powers of our dreams...- That´s where landscapes are made of thoughts, the light can be a mood, a fragrance, a melody – or vice versa – and the ´blue wind of healing ´blows full of comfort and tenderness–yet with a gentle, unrestricted force….

Not so deep within ourselves - this world, these places - are very close and familiar, because we share them, everybody knows them and – eventually – remembers…and that reveals a force which is magic and mysterious and – at the same time - straightforward and obvious …

Blue Wind Of Healing

Sometimes in a dream or a vision we catch a glimpse into other, higher worlds - spheres of unimaginable beauty, bliss and fulfillment, where forces of indescribable depth, clarity and selfrealization might materialize as angels, granting us a moment of ecstatic insight into the boundless possibilities of ´Being´....

The Blessing

This one came about, when I was working on a picture showing the first powerful rays of the the spring sun finally breaking the icy claws of winter. - Suddenly I saw this Ufo zooming out of the light ...- As we all know, if you want to travel even minor cosmic distances, you have to use the secret i.e. yet undiscovered stargates of light to enter and travel in higher dimensions, otherwise - even at the speed of light - it would take dozens, hundreds or thousands of years to even make a minor trip... well, here´s one of those travellers having just entered our cardbox, threedimensional world again... :-)

Travelers Of Light


The Heart Of Silence


Well Of Inspiration








This picture relates to the one above, but this time the all encompassing creation
manifests a different facette, a higher sphere -  everything is transparent and the  light, essential substance of all material phenomena, barely takes distinguishable shape, but remains in a majestic golden tranquility...


Artwork for Uli Jon Roth's
"Under A Dark Sky"

Here´s  is a small selection of  the pictures,  I especially composed for Uli´s latest album.

He had a very clear idea regarding the front cover, but with the other compositions he simply let me go ahead and chose what he liked best.

I added two versions which were not used, just to shed some light on the creation and selection process.

When you look at the booklet you will find some of my other pictures being used as well...


















Under A Dark Sky 2


Under A Dark Sky 4


Under A Dark Sky 6

This is one of the many sketches I did for the artwork of ´Under A dark Sky´.
The single traveller in the foreground is representing mankind, facing the choice of being lost in the darkness of egomania or - turning back to the sole redemption of cosmic love and forgiveness, symbolised by the distant christ on the cross.

A Dark Sky - Sketch

© Ule W. Ritgen