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Desert Madonna




Geronimo Eagle Eyes


Indian Girl


Old Man Of Letters




Red Cloud


Self Portrait


Sri Yukteshwar

Some day during one of my visits at Uli´s mansion in Wales, he asked me to take some photos of him for ´Burrn!-Magazine.

While things were still set up I did a few snapshots to check the light... - they were´nt very good as photographs, but I immediatly liked their ´feel´ and athmosphere.

It was there and then that I decided to use them as a basis for a portrait, that I was going to paint...

I wanted to show him as a ´real´ artist, which he is... a man of flamboyance, and vision - a fighter and warrior for the light, who relys and depends on his guitars like a knight on his swords - I wanted to show his fearlessness and courage in the face of destiny, as well as his dedication and faith in his course... and - I wanted his beautiful red coat to look a little deranged and battered, because after all, a seasoned fighter has taken a few blows and ... he doesn´t really care about his looks anymore... He has found - and represents -something much more valuable - true identity.

Uli Jon Roth



© Ule W. Ritgen