The Aqulia Suite by Uli Jon Roth

In 2005 Uli Jon Roth asked me to create pictures for the 12 solo piano pieces of his ´Aquila Suite`. ..´Quite a challenge´, I thought, ´no lyrics, no guitars, no band or orchestra, just a piano - capricious and highly virtuoso. To my surprise, inspiration came easy beautiful and powerful images appeared - bright and shining, even though sometimes too abstract to take any material shape...


Golden Dawn


The Gathering


Aeolos - Father Of Wind


River Of Oblivion 2

Like all my ´Ufo´ compositions, this one came about quite incidentally. I was involved in creating a dramatic and powerful autumnal athmosphere, which was well reflected and completed by the archaic force of the `Stonehenge´ monument, when, out of nowhere, this rather archaic - or should I say, old fashined - looking Ufo showed up, slowly descending from the dimension gate right on top of it.

Was it the circular shape?, was it the perspective match? - I don´t know, but the whole incident didn´t feel strange at all..., the sight looked quite familiar..., everything seemed totally plausible, even logical... Funny, isn´t it - Anyway, there you have it - ´Autumn Leaves ´ - mind you, I´m not quite sure about the title anymore...

Autumn Leaves




Dance With Infinity


Eau Sauvage

For me, the swan is a symbol for artistic and spiritual initiation and transformation - and, even more, it reminds me , or almost embodies the mystery of true inspiration. When evening comes, this majestic bird passes the gates of night ( the two temples) on its return to the infinite realms of beauty, clarity and spirit...

Evening Wing


Galatea 4


Endymion 2

In greek mythologie the soul of the deceased, on its way to Hades - thre realm of the dead - is drifting down ´Lethe´ while slowly loosening all the bonds with its past life...

Besides that, for me, this river represents a dimension bridge, connecting two spheres, out of many, within the vast complexity of our `being´. It also symbolizes the journey/ascend from the prison of individual experience towards the liberation of merging with the ´one´ cosmic force and truth.

River Of Oblivion


The Eagle And The Rainbow




River Of Oblivion 4


Zephyrus - The Southwind


The Eagle And The Rainbow 7

© Ule W. Ritgen